Sunday, 28 July 2013

Mould Attempt No 3

Today I've been attempting to make a mould again.  I've made a model out of clay, am gonna make a latex mould out of that one then fill that up with melted modelling wax then use that model to make a plaster mould.  That way i'll be able to keep the latex mould to fill again and again to make the model exactly the same each time I want to make a new plaster mould, and I intend to make lots of them.  Fingers crossed this will work! 


  1. @Neelie
    Glad you are trying your hand on that. Hope you will be a Plastic mould designer one day.

    Thanks a bunch from
    CNMOULD China

  2. Hey cnmould, thanks! I'm getting there slowly. I'll let you know what the outcome is :D