Friday, 4 October 2013

Checkout my new super (hero) shoes!

I've found another use for my glass fusing skills.  Jazzing up shoes! My mum was gonna get rid of a pair of simple blue shoes she'd never worn. Seeing them, my creativity kicked in and I snapped them up.  So, my mum's a size four and I'm only a three but no big deal, I'll pad them out or wear extra thick tights, they will fit me damn it!  I instantly had plans to turn them into Wonder Woman shoes.  I lovingly stuck each rhinestone on and created the stars like on Wonder Womans knickers.  I then set to the fiddly task of cutting out the logo. I cut it out on my diamond bandsaw and tack fused the yellow on to the red to keep the lines nice and sharp and voila! There you have some super revived shoes!

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