Saturday, 18 May 2013

It's really hard to work when you look that cute!....

So it's great working from home and planning my own working day, I can even go to work in my dressing gown!  What I do find particularly tough is that my super cute little dog has a habit of looking extra cute and snuggly or wanting to play when i've got a load of stuff to do.  How can I say no to big puppy dog eyes?  It's like she know's I can't pay attention to her and so emotionally blackmails me.  How do dogs know this stuff?  They certainly are clever little beings.  She loves popping her head in my studio just to see me.  I was just working on the floor with my dremmel and she came over to me and stuck her head in my face just to give me kisses.  Aww, she's like my little furry employee.

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