Friday, 31 May 2013

Crafters have groupies too!

I had a stall at Caerphilly Castle last weekend and well I seemed to acquire a little groupie.  He was only about ten and I think he belonged to another stall holder but he was wandering round all by himself.  He kept coming up to mine and another stall holder's stall and wouldn't leave for quite some time.  He even started drawing pictures and giving them to me.  When he did have to leave me at one point, he stood in the doorway staring at me so I waved goodbye to him and he waved back but just stood there smiling, so I waved again and he still wouldn't budge.  Eventually he skipped off to where he came from.  He was not gone ten minutes before he returned again.  And well, I like kids and I think most are cute but what I don't think is cute is when a kid fiddles with my work and manhandles my glass, often with grubby hands!  It makes me nervous.  Glass and kids just do not mix.  As nice as the little kid was, I was constantly on edge for fear of my work (and my nerves) being shattered into a million little pieces.  Luckily, nothing got damaged but it reminds me of a saying my sister always used to say when I was little; 'Look with your eyes, not with your hands!'.  Never has a phrase been uttered so much.

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