Friday, 21 June 2013

The mystery of the missing piece

Do you know when you get days when you're just extra clumsy?  I'm having one of those today.  I just seem to be breaking/dropping/bumping into stuff.  I've decided to stop making stuff for today cos i seem to be breaking more than making.  And somehow, i've have seemed to lost a piece of glass.
 I cut my spoons in about ten different pieces and whilst loading up my kiln I placed a little piece of a spoon on the controller of my kiln whilst I put other pieces in place.  The controller has vents in it and it dropped down into one of those vents. Not good!  So I called my dad to come help me and he unscrewed the controller to open it up and we couldn't find it.  I've still not found it and i'm puzzled where it could have gone.  Strange.

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