Monday, 17 June 2013

The tough side of business

My poor pride is feeling a little hurt right now.  I have today been travelling around shops asking if anybody's interested in buying my lovespoons (I felt like a proper apprentice contestant!).  Generally i've had positive feedback off people, although I didn't make any sales most people liked them and were interested.  However, I went into one shop and well, my ego took a bit of a bashing.  The lady who owned the shop was not interested at all and seemed very set in her ways.  I don't think she appreciated my 'modern' take on the lovespoon.  Each one of my lovespoons is my own little creation, my glass babies.  I put a lot of effort into every one and being the sensitive person I am, I guess it's to be excepted that my pride would be a little wounded.  I'm still feeling positive though!  In the future when i'm a multi million selling glass artist, that lady will regret that she was not one of the first to supply my spoons!

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