Thursday, 21 March 2013

Is it a balloon ? Is it an alien?.... No, it's a suncatcher.

Designs by Neelie balloon in sky suncatcher

 It's really interesting how different people see things in this world, especially when it comes to art.  When making this suncatcher I thought I was creating a sky with a balloon.  I didn't know this simple image was open to interpretation.  I had this on display at a recent craft fayre and was talking to guy I know from my old arts group.  He picked up the suncatcher and says 'I like this.  I like the alien'.  Bemused yet slightly amused at this comment, I smiled politely.  He then went on to say 'You know, if you could make one like this but perhaps make the aliens ears a little pointier and the jawline more defined, i'd buy it'  I didn't quite know what to say to this comment but well they do say the customer is always right!

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