Monday, 6 January 2014

An update on the kerplunk! bowl

So I fused the strips together.  They fused nicely  and the thickness of the strips was just right but it looked a bit sparse.  I could have done with a few more strips of glass.

 I knew it wouldn't  look great after I saw the full fuse because it'd need more pieces to fill it out and make it look more bowl like but I slumped it anyway.  That's the thing with glass and kiln work, it's always a bit of an experiment and you never know for sure how things will turn out. 

I'm not completely disappointed with the outcome but its not as nice as I'd pictured it in my head.  I thought it'd be a bit larger and really edgy looking.  It's a nice bowl though with it's own little quirks.  It'd make a nice candleholder for a big church candle.  I've put it up on my etsy page so if you do fancy a charming little display bowl or candle holder, click here.  It could do with a loving home ;-)

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