Sunday, 12 January 2014

Worry Stones

When I was little I was a real worrier.  My innocent, over active imagination would worry up ridiculously impossible scenarios. So, one day I bought some 'worry dolls'.  Every night I would whisper my worries to them and tuck those fears tightly away under my pillow.  Admittedly,  I did worry that I had missed out some crucial information when passing on my worries but I liked having a quirky little way to settle my childhood anxieties before bed time.  It was this memory that led me to create worry stones.  I created five different coloured fused glass stones, each one for something different.  Green for health, yellow for happiness, pink for love, blue for protection and purple for harmony.  I got my mum to pen a cute little poem to go with them and they come in a little velvet pouch.  They have proved popular with kids or as a quirky little gift for a worrisome adults.  Check them out on my etsy page >here<

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